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JK Atmosphere Furnace - 1700°C

1.Max Temperature:1700C

2.Heating Elements:MoSi2 Heating Elements

3.Thermal Couples:B type Pt-Rh to Pt-Rh

4.Max. Power:10KW

5.Warranty:2 years

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1700C Atmosphere Furnace can be working under Vacuum, Nitrogen and other inert gases atmosphere situation, which consists of high quality alumina fiber brick and MoSi2 heating elements with chamber of 8"x8"x8", and temperature is controlled by high precision SCR ( Silicon Controlled Rectifier) digital controller with accuracy +/-1C and 51 segments programmable up to 1700C. It is an ideal tool for materials annealing and sintering in your research laboratory.


NO.1 Product Details

a.Key Features:

-Max. energy efficiency is achieved by surrounding the chamber with thermal-efficient alumina fiber ceramic insulation.furnace
-Heavy duty double layer structure with cooling fan. Lower temperature in outside case.
-PID automatic control via current limiting phase angle fired the resistor,e.g SCR (Silicon Controlled Rectifier).
-Power control with 30 segments programmable.

b.Furnace Operation Notes: 
-For preserving the longevity of the furnace components, we recommend the heating rate not to exceed 10C /min.
-Cooling rate shall also not exceed 10C /min.
-This furnace lacks vacuum sealing, toxic or explosive gases are not recommended for use with this furnace without necessary safety controls and supervision.
-Small cracks may appear on the surface of the refractory ceramics over extended use. This is a normal occurrence and the cracks may be repaired with alumina coating.

c.Application Fields:

It is widely used in the laboratory and manufacture of the field of metallurgy, ceramics, machinery, analysis test, semiconductor, chemical industry, metallurgy, and glass industries, new material developing, machinery, fire-proof material, architecture, special material and etc under vacuum or other gases condition. Also our vacuum furnaces can be used in the fields of science & research and so on.

d.Standard Size:

JK 1700C Atmosphere Furnace

150x150x150mm (6"x6"x6")


150x150x200mm (6"x6"x8")

200x200x200mm (8"x8"x8")

200x200x300mm (8"x8"x12")

250x250x300mm (10"x10"x12")

300x300x400mm (12"x12"x16")

350x350x400mm (14"x14"x16")

400x400x400mm (16"x16"x16")

500x500x500mm (20"x20"x20")

NO.2 Service Details
a. Payment: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram etc.
b. Shipping terms: By DHL/FedEx, By Sea, By Air or yourself agents.
c. Package: Polyfoam Filled, Wooden Box Outside.


Inside Chamber Size 200 x 200 x 200 mm (8"x8"x8", 8 Liter)
Standard Working Temperature 1600C (continuous )
Maximum Working Temperature 1700C (<3hrs)
Furnace Atmosphere Nitrogen, Argon and other inert gases
Temperature Control 51 steps programmable and PID automatic control
Heating Rate 0~10C / min (suggestion: < 10C)
Temperature Accuracy +/- 1C
Heating Element Super 1800 MoSi2 heating elements
Working Voltage AC 220V/110V Single Phase 60/50 Hz (or according to your requirement)
Max. Power 10 KW
Outside Size 650 x 700 x 1000 mm
Net Weight 230 Kg

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