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  • Vacuum drying oven

Vacuum Drying Oven 500°C

1.Heating Temp:Continuou 50-500C

2.Maximum Heating Rate:4~6C/min

3.Temperature Controller:30 segments temperature profile programmable

4.Warranty:1 year

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JK high temperature 500C series vacuum drying oven is CE certified Oven.  It can be heated up to 500C and able to hold the temperature for long period. A 50-500ml flow meter is installed in the front panel for user to simply control and create a gas environment in the chamber. Also, if your need, we could install with the support of compact chilling water recirculating system.

The drying oven adopts heat radiant wall system providing optimal uniformity and conserves chamber space for drying, curing, vacuum embedding, and plating applications. 


NO.1 Product Details
a. Key Features:

1) Radiant warm wall heating system provides optimal uniformity and conserves chamber space for drying, curing, vacuum embedding, and plating applications;
2) 3" (7.6 cm) glass wool insulation prevents heat loss from working chamber;
3) Silicone door gasket and positive latch door maintain seal at all vacuum levels;
4) Exclusive polycarbonate safety shield protects door glass;
5) 30 segments programmable digital temperature controller with +/- 1.5C accuracy;
6) Maximum Heating Rate: 4~6 C/min;
7) Vacuum fittings require .25" (6.35 mm) I.D. tubing;
8) Easy-to-clean #304 stainless steel chamber interior;
9) 2 stainless steel shelves were included for immediate use;
10) Vacuum and air lines constructed with corrosion-resistant stainless steel tubing for optimum chamber cleanliness and long term performance.

b.Operation Notes:
1) For using under vacuum, it is necessary to have the vacuum pump;
2) 30 segments temperature profile programmable;
3) Vacuum level displayed on gauges from 0 to 30" Hg;
4) PID precision Digital Power controller controls temperature with a uniformity of +/-5C@ 100C; 25" Hg at center hot zone, 6'x6' center area only) and built-in over temperature protection.

NO.2 Service Details:

a.Standard Package:



High temp. Vacuum oven (12 x 12 x 11", 25L)


Digital Temperature Controller


Ø12mm Polyurethane tube


Stainless steel shelves


Power cord
1) Dual stage vacuum pump with with Exhaust Filter,
2) Flexible Stainless Steel Vacuum Hose ( Bellows ), 1 meter
3) Two sets Quick Clamp with Rubber O-Ring

1 set

b. Payment: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, etc.

c. Shipping terms:
 By DHL/Fedex, By Sea, By Air or yourself agents.


110 or 240VAC



Heating Temperature

Continuous: 50~500C

Chamber and Door

1) Chamber dimensions: 300mmx300mmx275mm (12x12x11", 25Liter );
2) The chamber is structured with stainless steel and welded with bracing pieces;
3) Silicone door gasket and positive latch door ensure the good sealing;
4) 2 stainless steel shelves are included to facilitate processing efficiency.

Temperature Controller

1) 30 segments programmable temp. controller;
2) Built-in over-temperature protection;
3) Temperature uniformity: +/-5C@100C, 25" Hg at center 6'x6' area only;
4) PID precise temperature control;
5) Temperature Stability: +/-1C.

Gas flowing/purging

1) A precise flow meter is installed in the front panel which ranges from 50 ~ 500ml/min;
2) The gas is able to be continuously flowing into the chamber at a constant flow rate defined by user during operation;
3) The oven can be purged by inert gas before operation.

Fittings & Connectors

1) One vacuum port is used for quick connection to vacuum pump;
2) Two water/coolant inserts connects the chiller. (tubes are included);
3) One 1/4" swagelok tube fittings is for inert gas supply;
4) One needle valve is used to control the input gas.


K type

Vacuum Pump

1) One Dual stage vacuum pump with with Exhaust Filter is included;
2) Vacuum level of oven after pumping < 133pa (2torr);
3) Power: 3/4HP 550W.


Oven: 590 x 490 x 450 mm(24" x 20" x 18") (L x W x H)
Chiller: 550 X 280 X 430 mm (L x W x H)


CE Certified


1 year limited manufacture warranty (Consumable parts such as silicon gaskets are not covered by the warranty)

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