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JK Industrial Furnace - Tunnel Kiln

1.Brand Name:JK

2.Usage:Heat Treatment Furnace


4.Working Temperature:1150°C

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The tunnel kiln is a continuous kiln in which products move through the preheating, calcinating and cooling zones on a platform truck.

1. Utilizes heat effectively: High-temperature combustion gas of the burner is utilized in the preheating zone with the heat exchanger, which is energy-saving.
2. Suitable for mass production: 
A large kiln that fabricates on the spot and is especially suitable for mass production.Optimize by small and medium tunnel kiln applications.


Production line:
The table before loading, the ventilation room, before the preheating zone, heating furnace, slow cooling zone, cooling zone (including transition zone and air cooling zone), ventilation room (including water) after roller feeding system, computer control system, electric control system, protective atmosphere.

1. Purpose: heavy pressure vessel by annealing heat treatment
, fuel, electric heating;
2. The highest working temperature: 1100 °C;
3. Temperature control precision: + / - 3 °C or less;

4. Cooling speed: 0 ~ 150 °C / h (heating);
5. Environmental protection energy consumption indicators: meet the national standards such as furnace energy consumption;Environmental protection meet the national industry standard;
6. USES, upgrade type door on a worm gear and worm reducer, plate chain and balance block structure inside the post. Oven door adopt cylinder clamping pressure;
7. Furnace adopts spiral tooth pin rack cart machine, car furnace steel consists of layer structure, using wheel structure;
8. Furnace body structure, light steel frame structure, composite lining;Using composite fiber lining structure.

Product features:
Large complete fiber car type resistance furnace.

Wall insulation lining with composite heat resistance materials module, whole sealing furnace with imported high precision temperature control instrument as the control core of centralized-distributed DCS system, related to the furnace condition parameters to realize the fuzzy control automation, high reliability and stable operation.Full furnace sealing effect is good, compared with the similar furnaces possesses the advantages of late daily operation and maintenance cost is low.

JK-100-11 JK-150-11 JK-200-11 JK-240-11
Rated power KW 100 150 200 240
Voltage V 380/3
Dimension of furnace mm 10000*750*200 15000*750*200 20000*750*200 25000*750*200
Maximum temperature 1200
Working temperature Room temperature~1100
Heating element   High temperature resistabce wire
Constanttemperature accuracy ±1
Temperature control PID adjustment, SCR control
Speed range mm/h 150-1000 400-1500 400-2000 1000-4000

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