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JK Split Vertical Tube Furnace - 1200°C

1. Max. Temp:1200°C

2. Thermal Couples:K type

3. Furnace Tube:High purity quartz tube

4. Heating Elements:Spring wires of Fe-Cr-Al Alloy doped by Molybedum

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JK-1200 Split Vertical Tube Furnace is a CE certified lab tube furnace using high quality ceramic fiber board and Spring wires of Fe-Cr-Al Alloy doped by Mo. Vacuum sealed flange with two valves & vacuum gauge, and high purity quartz tube are included for immediate use. The temperature of Split Vertical Tube furnace is controlled by high precision controller with accuracy +/-0.5 °C and 51 segments programmable up to 1200°C. 


Split Vertical Tube Furnace Construction:

1) High purity ceramic fiber insulation (energy saving 40% and weight lighter about 30% than old furnace);

2) Double layers steel casing with fan cooling, to ensure the surface of furnace below 50C;

3) High purity quartz tube as furnace tube.

Split Vertical Tube Furnace Standard Chamber Size:

1. Dia40x300mm:

OD40mm, ID30mm, Heated zone double 220mm length, quartz tube length 1000mm

2. Dia60x300mm:

OD60mm, ID50mm, Heated zone double 220mm length, quartz tube length 1000mm

3. Dia80x300mm:

OD80mm, ID80mm, Heated zone double 220mm length, quartz tube length 1000mm

Note: The above are standard sizes in stock; other sizes customized.

The advantages of Split Vertical Tube furnace:

--Fast heating (20-40mins);
--Energy saving;
--Reliable heat keeping;
--High accuracy of controlling the temperature;
--Auto heating and cooling by programming and a furnace temperature nearing to the indoor.

Split Vertical Tube Furnace Specifications

Max. Temperature 1200C (< 3 hours)
Continuous work temp. 1100C
Max. Heating Rate 30C /min
Temperature controller * PID automatic control and auto-tune function 
* 51 programmable segments for precise control 
* Built in protection for over-heated and broken Thermal couple 
* Larger digital control panel (96 x 96 mm) for easy operation.
Temperature Accuracy +/- 1C
Thermal Couple K type
Seal Flange *One pair sealing flange with double silicone high temperature O-ring is included 
*Two SS needle valves and one dial vacuum gauge are installed with flange for immediate use. 
*Vacuum pressure can reach 50mtorr by quality mechanical vacuum pump and 10-5mtorr by diffusion pump.
Power 2KW ~3KW
Voltage 2 years limited warranty (Consumable parts such as processing tubes, o-rings and heating elements are not covered by the warranty)
Certification CE Certified

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